Richard McCready : Dundee and Frederick Douglass


9 September 2016

Last week I was delighted to be able to attend an event which marked Frederick Douglass's visit to Dundee in 1846.

Frederick Douglass was an African-American on the run slave who campaigned for the abolition of slavery.

He spoke against slavery across the USA and toured the UK including coming to Dundee.

In Dundee Douglass spoke at the building which now houses the council's Music Centre in Bell Street.

As part of a forthcoming BBC series 'A Black History of Britain' Dr Peggy Brunache gave a brief but very interesting talk on Douglass's visit to Dundee.

A plaque was unveiled on the outside of the building commemorating Douglass's visit to Dundee.

I think many people will be surprised to find out about this part of Dundee's history.

It reflects the fact that Dundee's history is much more diverse than many people understand.

Along with my colleague Councillor Georgia Cruickshank I am keen that Black History month is marked in Dundee.

The story of our city is not just about middle-class white men and we should be looking at ways of celebrating and marking this fact.


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