Welcome for civil service jobs for Dundee

19 September 2017

As Dundee Labour's City Development spokesperson I have welcomed the announcement by the Scottish Government of Civil Service jobs coming to Dundee with Scottish Benefits Agency coming to Dundee.

My priority for Dundee is jobs. Along with the Labour Group I will work with anyone to ensure that good quality sustainable jobs are brought to Dundee or kept in Dundee.

The Scottish Benefits Agency coming to Dundee is something that my colleague Jenny Marra MSP has been calling for and I am glad that her call has been supported.

This is the first new Civil Service jobs to come to Dundee in ten years and it is good that the SNP-led Scottish Government has finally delivered on its campaign from 2003 and 2007.

It is good that this has eventually led to jobs coming to Dundee.

I have been calling for Civil Service jobs to be relocated to Dundee since I was elected. ( Link >>> )

Indeed when I work for former Dundee East MP John McAllion it was one of our big campaigns.

We are keen to work to ensure that these jobs become a reality before too long.

Labour in Dundee will work with the council and the Scottish Government to ensure that Dundonians receive a pay packet from the Scottish Benefits Agency before too long.

I look forward to these jobs coming to Dundee and I hope that they are the first of many jobs for our city.

Announcement of 750 more jobs for Dundee through the new Social Security Agency

Statement by Jenny Marra MSP

"Our campaign to bring the new Social Security Agency to Dundee has paid off today with 750 desperately needed jobs in Dundee.

"After 10 years in office the SNP has finally made good on Shona Robison's pledge to build on Labour's transfer of jobs to Dundee.

"This is great news for Dundee, our economy and our experienced civil servants."

In her letter to Nicola Sturgeon last year ( in June 2016) as Jenny launched her campaign to bring more jobs to Dundee , Jenny said ,

“ Your government will soon establish a new social security agency to administrate and deliver benefit payments across Scotland.

“I am launching a campaign today to make sure that Dundee is the place that you decide to site that agency.

“You will know that the HMRC closures have had a huge impact in Dundee like they have had across other sites in Scotland.

“However, when the SNP came to power in 2007 you made an explicit promise to deliver civil service jobs to Dundee.

“For years preceding 2007 Shona Robison had built her public reputation on frequent calls for more civil service jobs in the city on top of the jobs that Labour transferred – the Care Commission and the Scottish Social Services Council.

“Unfortunately, the SNP have so far not delivered any civil service jobs to Dundee so now seems an ideal opportunity to make good on that promise and put this new agency in the City of Dundee.

“Dundee has an experienced workforce , having worked for both the Department of Work and Pensions and HMRC.

“Indeed the current changes in Universal Credit are being managed and administrated here in Dundee today.

“Some Dundee families have three generations of people working in these civil service jobs.

“You will be aware of the competitive prices of commercial property in the city in comparison with the central belt and the huge impact that the siting of such a critical agency will have on our local economy and employment situation.

“Given the unenviable position Dundee has of having the most benefits sanctions in Scotland, your new agency, which you have said will put dignity at the heart of the social security agenda, will benefit from the lived experience of many Dundonians who need the system to work better and meet their needs.

“Establishing your new agency in Dundee would be a strong signal to everyone in Scotland that you intend to create a system that properly respects people who receive the sharp end of the current regime.

“I would be delighted to meet with you at any time to discuss this proposal and trust that you will give this due consideration.”


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