Richard McCready : Disappointed at Post Office Decision

16 November 2017

I'm disappointed at the decision of the Post Office to continue with plans for a franchised Post Office to replace the Crown Post Office in Dundee city centre.

On behalf of the Labour Group on Dundee City Council I responded to the consultation on the future of the Central Post Office and had made the case for Dundee retaining a Crown Post Office.

I am particularly disappointed that the Home Office Biometric Enrolment Service will be relocated to Perth, this is a service which is needed in a university city like Dundee.

As a city with a large student population I am disappointed that the Biometric Enrolment Service will not be retained in Dundee.

This will move to Perth which as the Post Office's response helpfully points out is a 65 minute bus journey away from the centre of Dundee.

This will be a major inconvenience for many overseas students, with the possibility of the numbers needing to use the service increasing after Brexit.

People will be able to pick up Biometric Residency Permit card from the Post Office in Dundee but in order to apply for the card they will need to travel to Perth.

I think that all of the changes which the Post Office are saying will be good about the new franchised Post Office could have been achieved whilst retaining the status of a Crown Post Office.

A more central location and longer opening hours could have been achieved if the management of the Post Office were minded to implement those changes.

I hope that all existing staff are looked after.

I have concerns that in a city where our ambition is to be a Living Wage City we are seeing a Living Wage employer leave.

I am very disappointed that the Post Office has not listened to the views which I put forward on behalf of the Labour Group.

I think that Dundee should have a Crown Post Office and that we will see in years to come that this was the wrong decision.


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