Richard McCready : Ryehill Police Station


13 September 2016

At Tuesday evening's West End Community Council meeting Police Scotland officers reported that Police Scotland intends to consult on closing Ryehill Police Station just off the Perth Road.

I have huge concerns about this proposal.

I think that we need a public facing police station at Ryehill and we have not had that for some time.

I think that local people in the West End want to know that there is a local police presence on the Perth Road.

I am calling for Police Scotland to make clear what their proposals are and also to provide clarity about the consultation process.

I am concerned that we have been told that we are in an informal consultation process.

This is unsatisfactory.

We need to know the detail of the proposal and how the formal consultation will take place.

If this proposal has been put in the public domain then we need to know how to formally respond.

I also want to hear from local people about their views on this proposal to close our local police station.

Please email on with your views.


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